Where will the hunting take place | How many clients and/or groups do you accommodate at any one time? | What clothing and equipment do you recommend? | Is Namibia healthy? | How should I travel to Namibia? | What do you offer for non-hunters/observers? | How are trophies prepared? | How are trophies shipped? | What rifles do you recommend?

Where will the hunting take place?

Hunters Namibia Safaris is situated in the beautiful Camelthorn Kalahari of eastern Namibia, a comfortable 45-minute drive from Windhoek International Airport, and an hour from the city of Windhoek.

The hunting area is privately owned by the Lamprechts, and covers an area of over 50 000 acres (approximately 80 square miles) of pristine wilderness area populated only by free-ranging game, with no domestic stock and camps. Our exclusive land is situated in the beautiful Camelthorn Kalahari of eastern Namibia, about 40 minutes drive from Windhoek International Airport. The terrain consists of small rocky hills with huge savannas and patches of bushy areas. The entire hunting area is natural, with open water holes and very few man-made improvements, so is still the real, wide-open and unpredictable Africa. Additional concession areas are available when required, most bordering on our own land. This increases our hunting grounds to an unlimited movement area in excess of 150 square miles.

23 species of huntable game as well as an impressive variety of game birds (depending on the season) are available for trophy hunters and wing-shooting enthusiasts. Many additional species can be viewed and photographed. A minimum of 500 head of game will be seen per day while hunting, which will allow you to hunt truly selectively.

How many clients and/or groups do you accommodate at any one time?

We host only one group at a time, whether a single hunter, a couple or a group of up to 10 family and friends – we tailor every safari to suit the requirements of each party, so that they have the exclusive use of all facilities and our extremely game rich hunting area of 80 square miles. Over 50% of our hunters are return clients. Our Main Lodge can accommodate up to 10 guests, and our Lake Loge 4 guests. By Namibian hunting law a Professional Hunter may guide only 2 hunters at any time.

What clothing and equipment do you recommend?

We recommend dark green clothing in medium or heavy cotton. Please bring warm clothing if your safari falls in the period June to August. The remainder of the year you can hunt in shorts and short-sleeved shirts, but you will still require a warm jacket for early morning and evenings. Three sets of clothing will be sufficient for your safari. Rubber soled boots in a dark brown color, which have been “broken in” before your arrival, are recommended. A pair of comfortable house shoes for the evenings will come in handy. A broad rimmed olive green safari hat is a must. Be sure to bring a bathing suit during the summer months.

Do not forget your camera, as well as ample SD cards, and batteries. A good pair of 8 X 40 binoculars is essential.

Is Namibia healthy?

Currently no special health requirements are prescribed for entry into Namibia. Malaria is not a threat in Hunters Namibia Safaris’ hunting area, and due to our dry climate, the environment is clean, healthy and relatively insect free. We do, however, suggest that you refer to your personal physician for advice on prophylactics and insect repellents. A comprehensive range of international brand name medicine is stocked in camp and on the hunting vehicles, but it is advised that you bring along the types of medication that you regularly take, or may require. A well-equipped, professionally run government clinic is situated 15 minutes from the lodge. Medical facilities, including excellent private hospitals and internationally trained medical practitioners, specialists and surgeons, are available in Windhoek, which is a one-hour drive from the camp. In case of extreme medical emergency an airlift service is available. Our PHs and hunting assistants are all qualified in First Aid.

How should I travel to Namibia?

Namibia’s National Carrier, Air Namibia, has regular direct flights from Frankfurt to Windhoek International Airport, which is 45 minutes drive from the Hunters Namibia Safari Main Lodge.

South African Airways offers daily service from New York/JFK and Washington/Dulles and Delta offers daily flights out of Atlanta to Johannesburg.

S.A.A. and Air Namibia have daily (2 hour) flights from Johannesburg to Windhoek International.

What do you offer for non-hunters/observers?

Non-hunters really enjoy joining the hunting team as our Professional Hunters share a wealth of information on the fauna and flora, and the game-viewing and photographic opportunities are wonderful.

In addition to that day trip to nearby places of interest, such as shopping in Windhoek, Namibia’s charming capital city, and well as a Carnivore Feeding adventure to Na’an ku Se wildlife sanctuary, visits to the local school as well as artists and other places of interest can be arranged on a day to day basis. Marina Lamprecht personally takes care of our non-hunting clients.

Along with our now legendary hunts, Hunters Namibia Safaris also arranges exclusive, customized photographic, sightseeing and fishing safaris throughout Namibia. Destinations include the Namib Desert, the mysterious Skeleton Coast, the charming colonial seaside resort of Swakopmund, Namibia’s cosmopolitan capital city of Windhoek, the Desert Elephant in Damaraland, the Himba people of Kaokoland, game-rich Etosha, the unexpected tropical beauty of the Caprivi Strip, and the San people of Bushmanland. These customised trips can de undertaken by either chartered private plane, or in a comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle, as requested. A personal guide will host you on these exclusive adventures.

Please contact Marina Lamprecht directly if you require more detailed information: marina@huntersnamibia.com

How are trophies prepared?

The well-trained and very professional Hunters Namibia Safaris’ skinning team will attend to the field preparation (skinning and capeing, cleaning, salting and drying) of your trophies. We then deliver them to either our local freight agent, based in Windhoek, for dipping and packing, after which they will be shipped to either your taxidermist or your address, or to a Namibian taxidermist – whichever you prefer.

How are trophies shipped?

Clients’ trophies are usually delivered to the shipping agent 30 days after the completion of the safari, and should therefore reach their destination within 6 weeks of that date. The cost of taxidermy work in Namibia is affordable, the quality of the workmanship is excellent. There is very little difference in the weight, and therefore the cost of shipping raw or mounted trophies. The current completion time for mounts is about 12 months. We would gladly obtain quotations for you from our personal local taxidermist.

What rifles do you recommend?

We recommend a rifle in calibre .300 Magnum or slightly larger, fitted with a 6X40 scope, for plains game. This is, however, a personal matter and we suggest that you use whatever rifle (of adequate calibre) you are most familiar and comfortable with. We recommend the heaviest weight of ammo for your calibre in Nosler partition. If you are a keen wing-shooter, bring your favourite shotgun and approximately 50 shells in #7’s. The Namibian authorities do not place any restrictions on the temporary importation of hunting rifles. A maximum of 100 rounds per weapon may be imported. You will receive a form to fill out on your arrival and the permit will be issued at the airport – the process is uncomplicated.

Should you prefer to travel without weapons, we have a fine selection of quality rifles and shotguns in camp for hire.

CLICK HERE to download the Namibia Temporary Forearm Importation Form.

PLEASE NOTE: No pistols, revolvers, automatic or semi-automatic weapons may be imported into Namibia for hunting purposes.

Please also note that ammunition may not be transported in your rifle case. As you may be in transit through other countries it is important to note that some laws require ammunition to be transported in a lockable metal container. This is not a requirement in Namibia.

Should you wish to discuss your dream safari with them, please do so now by contacting our representative Corinna Slaughter at Corinna@familyexpeditions.com

All Hunters Namibia Safaris’ clients will gladly offer a personal reference.  However, being respectful of our guest’s privacy, we do not post details publicly.  

Please contact me for past clients’ contact information.  marina@huntersnamibia.com

Nadine & Guy

Marina and Team

Nadine and myself really enjoyed the stay at Rooikraal and being part of the Lamprecht family for a couple of days. We enjoyed the safaris, great food, fantastic room and superb hospitality.

I especially liked the early morning walks that we did. I would like to take you up the mountain the next time you are in Cape Town.

Merci Beaucoup! Ce trait magnifique!

Nadine and Guy


Claude and Jacqui

Dear Marina & Team,

Wow, what an amazing place, we loved visiting. Thank you so much for your great hospitality and gorgeous accommodation. The food was superb as well. Loved hearing about the history of the farm as well as the good you do for the community. Very inspiring!

Thank you again, what a wonderful experience!!

Love Claude and Jacqui   x


Myrk Harkins

Thanks very much for such a wonderful experience. Johnny and Martin and all the staff were great. The lodge, the land and all the wildlife is something I will always remember. This was a dream come true for me.

Myrk Harkins

Jasper, Alabama, USA


Laurie and Charly Seale


Thank you for inviting Charly and I to your ranch. We enjoyed our short stay immensely. Your staff is the best! We have been to numerous hunting ranches over the years and can honestly say your operation is top notch and I would rate it an A+! Anytime you need recommendations, Charly and I would be glad to share our experience. We look forward to your visit in Texas in January.

Most sincerely,

Laurie and Charly Seale


Theresa and Eddie Odom

Dearest Marina and staff of Hunters Namibia Safari

Before Eddie and I set out on this trip I found a quote that has spoken to me this entire trip.

€œWe live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.€

This trip has truly been an adventure for us and our eyes are definitely open to this beautiful country. You have made our adventure unforgettable with the incredible detail put into every aspect of the safari journey. We will be sharing this with others for the rest of our lives…

Thank you just isn’t enough for all we have gained from being here. I also hope our paths cross again as we feel we now have a wonderful friend here in Namibia.

Most sincerely,

Theresa and Eddie Odom

Birmingham, Alabama

(P.S. I got my hair washed! Just missing the theme music from  Out of Africa!)


`To our friends, Marina and her entire staff. This was a wonderful safari for Brenda and I, Sara and Nick, Eliza and Jay. What a wonderful €œfirst Africa€ for Nick and the grandkids.

Your lodge and farm are magnificent and we were honoured to be your guests. The hospitality was beyond compare.

Hope to see you again soon!

Larry & Brenda Potterfield


Marina and the entire staff @ Hunters Namibia

Thank you for a fantastic 10 days of hunting and enjoying your Namibian Culture. The staff at the Lake Lodge are truly outstanding and Chef Hennock’s meals were out of this world.

I know Gunnar and Trevor will be having Hennock withdrawal!! If he ever writes a cookbook, I would buy it immediately!

A truly special thank you to Kobus for making every minute of our trip memorable and exciting. And to Gideon for his amazing tracking abilities and we must not forget Fang – best tracking dog we ever experienced.

Wonderful safari and hunting trip – Thank you for the experience and memories.

Keith, Cindy, Gunnar and Trevor Bishop


Dear Miss Marina and Family,

Thank you so much for such a wonderful time. We were all €œquite€ pleased with all of the surprises that you presented us. It was beyond our expectations. Johnny and Martin WOW! I do not even know where to begin. You are the wonder duo and there is no stopping you two. Y’all are truly amazing. The way you tracked that Kudu is beyond me. Johnny, my favourite words that you say are €œLoad Up€. Thank you so much you two.

Jean, I wanted to say how amazed I was about your cooking, and how you always speak with a smile. Thank you so much.

Hunters Namibia, thank you for the wonderful experience at the village. It was a real eye opener to me. I loved to see the 320 kids faces light up at the sight of us. These are the type of memories I could never let go. Thank you for an amazing experience. During my safari here I was told an amazing quote that I will never forget. €œEvery day is a hunting day, but not every day is a shooting day.€

Thank you Hunters Namibia for an amazing journey.


Maxim Pepper


Dear Marina, family and staff

Thank you for the most successful and enjoyable hunt ever. Special thanks to you and your staff for making this hunt so very special for our grandson, Max! Wow, 10 species.

Your lodges and camps are lovely, charming and second to none. The food is fabulous and the staff grants every request. Our memories also include our excursions to the local village and school. The support and care you give for the children shows in all 320 faces. What an eye-opener for a teenager from America. Max actually was able to bring meat to the children from his hunts as well as plates & candies.

We truly have had the time of our life, have shot wonderful animals with great stalks. We have seen more animals here than in any other safari we have been on. The best part of course is that we were able to share this experience with our grandson. All your attention to detail will never be forgotten.

Much love from

The Peppers (Melanie, John and Maxim)


To the wonderful family and staff

We came as a family and were made to feel like we were all family with each of you. The hospitality was perfection! The PH’s were hard working and wonderful with the hunters in our group.

The trackers were amazing as well! We were blessed to spend time with Jofie who took wonderful pictures and videos of the trip!!

Special thanks to Kobus who was so patient and amazing with our children!!

Hope to come again!

Bobby, Luis, Buddy, Cindy, Cooper & Wyat Nami


Marina and all

We were so pleased to visit you and your hunting family! I was so amazed at your staff and what good care they took of all of us.

And Kobus and Jofie were unbelievable! They were great! Couldn’t have asked for better role models for our two grandsons.

We have had a wonderful experience at your lodge and would highly recommend it.

Chad Scholten – Spearfish, South Dakota, USA   To everyone at Hunters Namibia Safaris

A very heartfelt thank you from a first time Africa visitor. The whole journey has been a life changing experience.

What you are doing for hunting and conservation is outstanding.

God bless & safe journeys


To Marina, Hanns-Louis and the entire staff at Hunters Namibia Safaris.

You have all exceeded my expectations of what to expect and I have sincerely enjoyed myself. I would love nothing more than to return and share this experience with my family. Hopefully someday soon we will meet again. Thank you so much for the hospitality.

Best regards and good hunting.

Jaysen Schock – West Fargo


Dear all,

I have travelled up & down, near & far; from Alaska to ancient Libya. But I’ll always cherish my time well spent with Marina of Namibia!

(Sorry words alone were not enough I had to put it into verse) Am so sorry about Joof. I’m sure he would have added immensely to my experience.

As ever yours,

Linn M Hendrickson – Sturgis, South Dakota, USA



Thank you for making my 1st safari the most awesome experience!! The hospitality was second to none. You couldn’t ask for any better. Learned so much about the way you watch out for the animals with the guides and trackers

God Bless

Patrick Auer


Erich Schock – Ashley, North Dakota, USA


Thank you soo much for the experience that I have had here in Africa!! You and your staff are First Class!! I would also like to say thanks for all the hard work you do for the hunters rights not only her in Africa but, all over the world.

It has been an honour to be welcomed into your wonderful home.

Best wishes to you, your family and staff

Ward P Dobler



I believe Gad has given you the noble task of caring for his people, the animals and the land. You have accomplished this task with strength, dignity and grace.

I want to thank you for sharing your blessings with my friends and me on this safari.

May God Bless you and your family

John, Denise, Lauren and Hunter Butler



Your hospitality and grace are beyond compare. Your dedication to conservation, the land, family and staff is an example to all in the fields of business and wildlife.

We have all enjoyed every moment at Hunters Namibia Safaris. I cannot thank you enough for providing memories that will help bind our family forever. A true spirit of stewardship land, wildlife and family is present in every aspect of the Hunters Namibia experience!

Thank you!

Jo-ann, Mike and Chris Lynn – Tennessee, USA



We came to Namibia not knowing what to expect, but you exceeded everything we could imagine.  In a way I felt that we stepped back in time to a more genteel era. The hospitality was outstanding, the game viewing was excellent and the hunting was successful.

To your wonderful staff – Thank you for being so friendly and taking good care of us.

Mikki K Louis


Marina and the Hunters Namibia Family

You have changed so many of us through your hospitality, generosity and kind spirit. Thank you so very much for welcoming us and spoiling us throughout our stay.

Continued blessing always,

Mikki K Louis – Uni of Miss (Ole Miss – University of Mississippi)

Atlanta – GA

Bedford – NJ

Barbuda – West Indies

Faith Meyer – Oxford, Mississippi, USA Marina and Hunters Lodge Family


Thank you so much for hosting us at your beautiful Namibian Lodge! There are no words for your generosity. This place, and its people, are amazing. I am fascinated with everything Namibia has to offer. I can’t wait to come back and see the amazing stars again. They will truly be missed.

Thank you – with love


Shelice Benson – Mississippi, USA

Marina and Staff,

Thank you so much for your time, kindness and hospitality. I am truly grateful that you allowed us into your home for the last few days. Everyone has made my visit here extremely incredible and your home is beautiful. You all are such outstanding people and I will forever hold a special place in my heart for you all. Thank you for all you do here and thank you for giving me the knowledge to know what your business is all about.


Shelice Benson

MEEK School of Journalism – The University of Mississippi €œOle Miss€, USA



Thank you for allowing us to stay in your home. You’re a very beautiful person, on the inside and out. I see why the children love you. If you’re ever in Mississippi, please visit us.

Ariel Cobbert

University of Mississippii

MEEK School of Journalism


Lyndi Berryhill – Mississippi, USA

Marina’s place has been one of the most culturally enriching places I have ever been in my life. Namibia has treated us well with the beautiful scenery. Everything has been above satisfactory by far.

We came from the University of Missisippi, USA having high expectations based on our research and reading about the work of the Lamprecht family. Our expectations were not only met, they were exponentially exceeded by the beauty and significance of this special place on the planet.

Marina and Hanns-Louis and Jack and Duke and everyone, provided experiences and insights candidly and generously and we are deeply grateful

Thank you!

Charlie – Assistant Dean – MEEK School of Journalism and New Media


Baylee Mozjezik

Marina and the entire staff here welcomed our group of Ole Miss with open arms and open hearts. The property and animals are equally as beautiful as the people here; this has been a once in a lifetime experience learning about conservation and all the good that happens here. I hope that I am able to visit you again.


Dennis Inman – New Brauntels, TX

Marina and all

Thank you so much for the hospitality, it was €œOver the top€. The food and the accommodations were outstanding. I enjoyed staying at both the main and lake lodge. They both offer their own unique experiences. Our PH Kobus was a lot of fun as well as being an outstanding coach. Both trackers we had were also extremely skilled. I was amazed at some of the game that they spotted. My best wishes go out to you, your family, and staff. I look forward to returning with my family. I know this would be something they would enjoy as well.

Best Regards


John Warren – Longview, TX

Marina, Jean, Kobus, and the whole bunch

Thanks again for another wonderful stay! I sincerely appreciate your extraordinary hospitality. The Namibian-way should be the model for the rest of the world to follow. All the best & see you again soon.

PS – Hanns-louis,

Good luck on your start-up on your ammunition plant!

Scott & Becky Ham



You and your staff were absolutely incredible. We both had an amazing time sharing your country’s beauty, perfect weather and amazing diverse wildlife. The welcoming atmosphere, charm with which every meal of coffee was served, and absolute acceptance of us into the feeling of family made this time very special. We can’t think of a better way to have spent our honeymoon than here with you.

Our best regards

Brent & Lisa Kitten


Dear Marina,

Just wanted to let you know Lisa & I had a great time on our first safari. Your accommodations are excellent and we really appreciate the flexibility of the schedule. What I will remember most are the multiple great hunts we went on and the great food we enjoyed every day. I have tried to teach you a little €œTexan€ language while I was here! Just remember to drop the €œg€ on the end of words like €œfixin to do something€ 

PS – Thank you for the special Mothers Day for Lisa. It meant a lot to her since she was away from her kids on this day.

Paul Johnson



We had a super visit. The hunting was superior. My guide, PH, Johnny was outstanding. Johnny did everything to ensure that I had a super experience. He is a super person and hunter. He sees all of the animals!

My daughter and her husband were observers and a great experience also on this their honeymoon. The facilities and staff are excellent, perhaps the best in Africa.

Thanks for making this the most memorable of my 40 plus guided hunts

PS – My daughter loves to hunt, I hope to return with different observers.

PPS – The food was super! Different menus each day and they were all good.



Dear Marina,

Your lodge is absolutely beautiful and your hospitality has been amazing. You are a wonderful beautiful person inside and out, and I’m sure my mom and grandfather agree. It has been the most amazing experience.

Thank you so much for everything. It has been extraordinary. I am so glad to have met you, I’m happy to have a new friend.

Love Kat



Dear Marina,

All my life I’ve heard my parents mention you and Joof in relation to Namibia, and we’re finally here visiting you. Well, we may actually move in as we’re all in love with you. 

It’s been a privilege to listen to you and my father discussing all things wildlife over the past couple of days, I love the philosophy that you and Joof have applied over the years in managing your land. Your intellect and interests are fascinating and all that you say is underpinned with such a love of this country – lucky Namibia and lucky you. You’ve welcomed us with such an open heart and generosity of spirit (utterly delicious food from Hennock and cheerful game drives with Johnny) that we feel absolutely at home. Lahja cheerfully ensure I never ran out of tea or wine. And dinners with the rest of the Hunters Namibia family – Jofie, Kobus, Helmut and Chrissy – were full of laughter. We look forward to seeing you again very soon.




Dear Marina,

Thank you for hosting my daughter Annabel and my granddaughter Katherine and myself on your lovely ranch. Your generosity and gracious hospitality was much appreciated. I hope one day you will visit my game ranch in Zimbabwe.

What you and Joof have achieved I believe has stimulated the hunting and game ranching industry in beautiful Namibia. Your lodge, wildlife and ranch management and your staff are fantastic. Your 34 old year boundary fence amazing.

I was one of the pioneers of the game ranching industry in Southern Africa. I ranched with Dr Mossonas and Dr Dasman who came to Rhodesia to promote sustainable hunting of wildlife. That was way back in 1958. That is still the way to go to keep our wildlife especially rhino and elephant and all wildlife protected and you promote that so well.

You are a wonderful beautiful woman. I am proud to be your friend.



Dear Hanns-Louis and Marina

I am at a loss of words to describe my feelings after my stay at your place. In this book, many people, far more eloquent than I could ever be, have expressed their gratitude. I feel the same way.

I just want to add that, thanks to you, I have now a very strong bond with Namibia.

And especially, I have the happy feeling that the stories of the Lamprecht family and the Fiocchi family will cross their paths many times in the future!

Pietro Fiocchi



Your hospitality and attention to detail are incredible. Your staff has to be amongst the best in the business! Johnny is one of your biggest assets. He is a wealth of information as well as a top notch PH!

The meals are by far the best I have ever experienced on any safari, your kitchen staff is excellent.

I really like the way you take care of your game, not overhunting, providing water points and not hunting at the water points. True wildlife stewards. You should be proud of all you have accomplished and we plan on a return visit.

Karl Evans – President Dallas Safari Club


Karl told me to write something.

I just read what he wrote and agree 100% – can’t wait to come back.

And thanks to Martin for keeping me company on the truck.

Rebun Evan


Dear Marina

Although I have only stayed 1 day and night, I know I have found my new home in Africa.

The food, the game, the staff, the facilities surpass anything I have experienced the world over. You have set the bar for service excellence and great value. I will return with my family.

Best wishes



Marina and Hanns-Louis

What an experience! Thank you so much for your incredible hospitality and making us feel like family. This trip has truly been once in a lifetime & this is more than we could have ever imagined. We hope to see you again soon (maybe for a visit in the states) we definitely won’t be able to match the scenery & experience but we will most certainly try!

Thank you again!

Megan Ortner and Lindsay Pateyl


Family Lamprecht,

The most intensive hospitality I’ve ever experienced. Like stepping back into the 19th century but with 20th century luxuries and ICE. My hunt came at a difficult time of sorrow and re-orginasation but you all soldiered on like Afrikaners have for 400 years. I learned enormous lessons on flora and fauna from Johnny and Marting while wallowing in gourmet servings by Hennock and Lahja, then another set of skills from Kobus, Gideon and food (thanks for the sand grouse and hyrax) from Josef and Candise. Thanks to Kobus for many laughs and marksmanship instruction. Busting a baboon of the veranda was a fabulous finale. If there is an over-riding them here, it is attention to detail. Every nuance is carefully arranged, resulting in perfect life experience.

Bravo Marina and Hanns-Louis

Richard Venola Kingman – Arizona


Dear Marin and Hanns-Louis

We have spent the most amazing 8 days at the lake lodge with Kobus, Gideon and, Joseph, Candesie and Paulus. Those 8 days were not vacation, it was an adventure. The only reason we do not call it the adventure of a life time is because we want to come back.

We have not only seen a lot, but also learned a lot about African wildlife and their environment.

We took some trophies and photographs but most of all we have wonderful memories of all those mornings, days, evenings and nights.

Greg and Liesel


Marina and all

Where to start? Our time has been most enjoyable. Having heard stories, seen pictures, meeting you at SCI I knew we were in for a treat and now I seen how short that expectation was.  How do you tell about the sights and sounds and smells of this incredible stay. From the sights of all the beautiful animals to the €œsmell of rain€ to the sounds of nature at its best all-around you 24/7. Loved it all. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg your hospitality is second to none. The food was absolutely phenomenal. All the little special touches we so incredible and appreciated but most of all inspiring. Your staff are superb. Kobus was the best with Gideon. Their skills of stalking and tracking were so impressive. Whether hunter or observer we were treated royally and were entertained, educated and reminded of the importance to appreciate the beauty of nature. We so enjoyed the conversations at meals & around the campfire.

Like I said where to start and where to stop thank you, thank you for a most amazing week. This place, your country and you and your staff will never be forgotten. You have been blessed and it was heart-warming to see how you show that. God’s richest blessings to you and your family (soon to add another little member) 

Love and thanks

Scott and Bonnie Onga – Gibbsville, WI, USA


Marina, Joof & Family

Words cannot express our gratitude & delight of my first (and Dan’s 3rd) adventure to Namibia. I told you when I heard your talk at SCI that you made me love a country I’d never seen. Well, now that I have seen it and experienced your hospitality and I love it even more. We feel we have made many friends here – from you and your family to all of the staff. It has been an experience we will always cherish and remember. Kobus is an awesome PH & person. Gideon is wonderful as well.

We had great hunting experiences with all of them – you should be proud. The staff Candesie, Joseph, Hileni, Simon – all of them should be commended. We felt so at home here and are a little sad to leave. I am hoping we will come back and see you all sometime.

Thanks again for a wonderful experience – there is a reason so many recommend you as the number outfitter in Namibia!

Peggy and Dan Onga



Dave & Sherri Rasmussen


Marina, Joof and family


When Dave and I left the States for Hunters Namibia we could only imagine what to expect – now that we have been in Namibia for 2 weeks it has been beyond our expectations. We are sad to be leaving but the memories of our stay here will follow us for a lifetime.


We started at the Lake Lodge & it was wonderful – then came to the Main Lodge – gorgeous. Next to the Beachhouse & last Erindi Game Reserve. Every day brought a new wonderful day. The hospitality is beyond comparison & I know we will never find a better place in the world than here. From all the staff to our PH Kobus, thank you for a wonderful experience. Everyone has made it special. A special thank you our PH Kobus, he made the hunting experience one of a kind. We will take your kindness of how you made us feel with all the special touches everywhere.


Marina – you know how to treat your guests and you are amazing. We will remember you all and reminisce about our trip to Africa as we sit around the fire at home. Your friends are someone you share your path with – thank you for helping us along our journey.




Kay & Hanlan Hall – North Carolina


Dear Joof and Marina


WOW, Living the dream, Amazing are a few of the words that pop in my head as I recall the most fantastic week of our lives! Everyone has been so friendly and accommodating throughout our stay. We will miss our daily schedule of hunting the most unique animals in the world, sitting around the fire pit in the evenings, recounting daily encounters, exciting fantastic meals and viewing the beautiful scenery surrounding the property. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us a million times over.




Doug and July Hale – GA


To our Namibian Family


What a wonderful adventure! Doug and I will have stories and pictures to share with our family and friends! We felt taken care of by the staff the entire time! We €œkinda sort of€ felt a big part of your family!


Thank you again for an adventure of a lifetime.




Tom and Sheryl Ellis – Atlanta


Dear Marina, Joof and Hanns-Louis


We cannot begin to express our gratitude for your generous hospitality on our first trip to your beautiful Namibia. To say that you run a superb operation would not begin to describe our extraordinary experience.


An African safari had been a lifetime dream for Tom. He wanted to experience the treasures of Africa and its wildlife. I must admit that I happily accompanied my husband but, admittedly, I had some reservations as I know very little about the safari experience.


The trip has been educational and all aspects of presentation of sustainable resources, the importance of ethical hunting practices, the necessity of hunting and philanthropy. Our visit with the school children whom you generously was life altering for us.


Our lives have been greatly enriched by our interactions with not only your family but also with your experienced and knowledgeable staff. Marina, you are the most gracious hostess. You are a perfect balance with Joof, a legendary PH with whom we were honoured to spend time. Hanns-Louis was such a pleasure and we enjoyed spending time with him and touring his new facility.


The gourmet meals by Mr Hennock and the attention to detail in our luxurious accommodation were spectacular. Every interaction with your staff was polite and respectful. They are such a delight.


Our team of hunters Johnny and Martin displayed superior knowledge and experience which allowed Tom to achieve his dream safari! We will most certainly return to your beautiful Hunters Namibia for years to come!


All the best to the Lamprecht family now and in all future endeavours.





Layne and Tiffany Lowey, Hannah, Justin, Lindsey and Jackson – Alabama, USA


Dear Marina and all


How can I begin to thank you for the wonderful time my family and I have had in your beautiful Namibia. This trips has been so memorable for each of my children and my husband and I have received so many wonderful memories of our family safari. Between the amazing team that you have here and the magnificent animals and trophies that we have seen. This has truly been a holiday of a lifetime. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and country with us




Chris, Stanm Victoria and Elizabeth Bomb


Dear Manrina and Hanns-Louis


Our introduction to Namibia and its culture was executed superbly by you and all your staff. This family vacation stands out as unique among any we have experienced! The ability to provide a top notch safari experience for the hunters as well as entertain 5 ladies with great excursions was amazing and creating a lifetime of memories and stories. And then, Hennock! What else can be said of the world class dining we enjoyed with him as chef.


With love




Kathy, Daniel, Megan and Margout

Dear Joof and Marina


Thank you for welcoming our family (plus two) into your home once again and providing Megan and I with our first personal hunting experiences, as well as Margout’s first African experience. As always the staff is first rate and our stay was a wonderful and memorable experience. All of the best to you both, Hanns-Louis and all of the staff. We look forward to seeing you again in January in Houston.

Dan Allford         Johnny is a pleasure to spend time with outdoors. He is equal parts PH, tracker and naturalist. He is a master at using cover and stalking. Just tell him what distance you are comfortable shooting from and he will take you there. If your trophy doesn’t drop you will witness has and Martins formidable tracking skills. If you wish to hunt in the company of true hunters, Johnny and Martin are the €œA€ team.




Vick Jones & Mairi Gray


Dear Joof and Marina


Our second stay at Hunters Namibia Safaris was every bit as wonderful as the first. The hospitality is exceptional, the lodgings are fantastic, the staff is amazing and the food is outstanding.


As ranch manager, it is obvious to me that you love and take great care of your animals and your land. The hunts with our PH Helmut and our tracker Gideon have given us incredible memories to last a lifetime.


Baie dankie and best wishes for your continued success.




Shane, David Kyle Hawkins


Dear Marina and Joof


On behalf of me, David and Kyle, we’d like to thank you and both for sharing your home, your land and hospitality with us over the last week. It means so much to us that you’ve shared your slice of paradise with us. It’s clear from the stay that your whole family and staff put their hearts & soul into serving your clients with a mighty passion. The food and accommodations were spectacular but please know our vacation here has created memories for our lifetime and not many businesses can claim that prize.  May our paths cross again and again thanks to you and this wonderful experience.




Dave, Susan and Elise Hackeny


Dear Marina and Joof


This has been a beautiful experience. The lodge is wonderful and your care for us and our comfort amazing. The attention to detail and your personal time and hospitality meant so much. The fact that you open your life and home to us is so special – it takes a lot out of you to rarely live alone so it means so much. Thank you to Hennock and Lahja and Joseph who cooked and cared for us so well – you have a sweet caring group of people here. I never imagined the food would be so fantastic and served so graciously. The hunt photos and evening cookies were my favourite! Thank you for the trip to the city – great shopping and lunch. I feel like I know and appreciate Namibia now.


Thank you!




Paul and Sharon


To my Namibian family


Our second visit and just as perfect as the first.


Johnny and Martin are the best PH/ tracker I have ever hunted with. Every stalk was memorable – whether there was a trophy at the end or not. But of course there usually was


As for the hospitality – food, drink (lots of that even by English standards) – superlative by any standards


Most of all Joof and Marina and all the team are the best people we know. We don’t want to leave, ever.


Much love




Micheal N


Dear Joof and Marina


I want to thank you for an adventure that’s been 2nd to none. The finest lodge, ranch and people that one could imagine. I felt like we were kindred spirits. Marina you were right when you said €œMy beautiful Namibia€ So pleased that you shared part of paradise with my dad, Mark and myself. 14 days flew by. I hope to see you again with my wife.




Mel Beuler


Joof and Marina


Can’t believe 2 weeks are over. Have to stop and think what day it is. I guess that’s a sign of a proper holiday. What you have built here is incredible. Your facility, staff and ranch are five star. Johnny and Martin were a joy to hunt with and I’m going to miss them both. As I said in one of our conversations €œI have never been on a bad safari€ some are better than others. All things considered I think you get the €œBlue Ribbon€


Thanks for a wonderful adventure




John Warren


Dear Marina and Joof


Thanks again for a wonderful stay and hunt. I’ve now stayed at the lake lodge and the main lodge. Both are wonderful!!


C-Ya again soon




Daniel Miller


Dear Joof and Marina


Thank you for inviting me to your beautiful Namibia. What a safari it has been!! The 14 days with you and your staff have been an awesome experience for me, it has exceeded my expectations! I must say this safari with all the great trophies and first class hospitality has been a lifetime dream come true.


Enjoyed so many things from the special meals and sitting around the fire to the great hunting with Kobus and Gideon (Great Hunters).


The sable hunt with Marina, Kobus and Gideon on that mountain SAT morning will bring fond memories forever. And when I am enjoying, at my home I will be with you in thoughts and fondest memories. I am so glad our friend Kevin encouraged me to come your way.


Marina you are so graceful and Joof you are a lot of fun in your firm no bullshit way. I cherish your friendship.


Thank you so much


PS – The last day with you Marina to Windhoek, a lot of fun. So glad to get some gifts for my gals and the great time and ME KUDU topped it off.




WR and Laura Thompson


Joof and Marina


Our 10 day stay with you is coming to an end and as much as I look forward to going home I also hate to leave.


The hunting and game viewing has been fabulous! PH Johnny and assistant Martin are wonderful and are certainly very good at what they do. Ten trophies taken is amazing.


Hileni and Lahja were so very pleasant and took care of our every need.


I can’t possibly say enough about Chef Hennock. He is truly a master at his craft! Each and every meal was wonderful! We look forward to returning to Namibia for another safari with you, Joof and your wonderful staff.


Kobus took wonderful care of everything in your absence. Daniel also does a wonderful job on the gardens and Magdalena with the laundry.


Best wishes always.




March 17, 2014


Dear Marina, Joof, Hanns-Louis, and Hunters Namibia staff,


It’s been an incredible experience to stay with you. Your land is beautiful, your home is gorgeous and your hospitality is spectacular. We could not have asked for anything more. You exceeded all expectations 100 times over. Your attention to detail is beyond me and not one little thing was unnoticed. Johnny is a magnificent PH with an abundant amount of knowledge. We will never forget everything he taught us, and we will remember the stories he told forever. Martin is an expert tracker and the two of them together make an outstanding team. We can’t wait to come back and do it all again. Chef Henok will be deeply missed in the States, his food is incredible and by far the best we’ve ever had. Your staff is perfect and kind and we deeply appreciate the amazing hospitality. We felt like royalty during our stay. We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you and your beautiful family. Your love of country and conservation is something to admire and we will strive to be more content and take nothing for granted as you have told us during our stay. Your family stories and advice for our future child will forever hold a special place in our hearts. We can only hope to teach our child to be an exceptionally true and caring human being as are you and your family. Joof’s hunting stories or ones for the record books, we cant wait to relay them and give our friends and family the laughs that you gave us. Hanns-Louis is a remarkable young man with a very bright future. We can only wish the best for him and his endeavors. We’re extremely grateful, and look forward to seeing you again.


With love and gratitude,


Tim, Courtney, and baby Ney


Rawlins, WY




Everything was perfect, the hunting, the food (where else would you get a radio message mid-hunt to enquire if escargot would be acceptable for dinner?), The team and the accommodation. But most of all the Lamprechts are the most wonderful hosts, and kind, caring people. Our new, and dear, friends. Amazingly Joof shares Sharon’s political/world/life views – he deserves his own TV show!


We will be back, as soon as we can. Our best ever safari, and best ever eight days.


Love from

The Lavenders (one shot Sharon)


Essex, London




April 28, 2014


Marina and Joof


What a wonderful Safari! Everything was first-class and better than expected. We loved spending time with you and your family. The memories of our adventure are priceless. Can’t wait to share every story with family and friends. Namibia, and the Lamprechts rock!


Look forward to seeing you again soon.


Love, Jane Cato.


Charlotte, NC




April 28, 2014


Wow! What an experience. I came here knowing nothing about the hunting the world… and leaving with so much knowledge of this beautiful country and its people. Thank you so much Joof, Marina, Johnny, and all the staff for all that you have done for us. Henok, I have never in my life had such good food. Truly, my biggest wish this week was that I could transport you home with     me! Who ever thought I’d be eating a springbok? (I don’t think I had ever heard of one before I came to Namibia) I loved meeting your son Hanns-Louis, and I’m sure Michael is equally as delighted. I’m looking forward to “shopping time” with Marina in the states. It all has been quite “yummy”!




Barbara Murray


Charlotte, NC




Marina and Joof


Thank you for helping us fulfill a lifelong dream. Your land is amazing. I was in awe from day one in the quality and quantity of the game animals. We cannot praise chef Joseph enough, his food was great, every meal was an event. The Lake Lodge exceeded all of our expectations and rivaled any five-star hotel. Of course the highest praise goes to Cobus and Tilonga for helping us find great animals. Even when time was growing short, Cobus always kept the faith, which paid off in an amazing zebra stallion. We can’t wait to be back at Rooikraal again.


Thank you,


Brodie and Devin






Joof and Marina


Thank you for making my first time Safari a dream come true. You and Joof and your entire stuff are all a top-notch organization. You made me feel like I was home away from home. I had a wonderful time. You have a wonderful home that’s better then a five-star hotel and thank you for sharing it with me. Johnni and Martin are too awesome guys. Joof and Marina, you can bet on it I will be coming back for another Safari.


Thank you,


Allen S. Moore






Dear Marina and Joof


I was as you know less then thrilled to come to Africa, but when we met with you in the West Palm Beach, my attitude towards Namibia was doing a slow 180°, and that’s is because of your warmness, your exuberance, and your love for Namibia. Now after 10 days with you two, Hanns-Louis, your lovely staff, beautiful home which became our home, your fascinating and comical stories, the reality of living in these very beautiful country has made me love your country, your home, and especially you. We will miss you and shall remain in touch.










Marina and Joof


At age 71, I had some trepidation about doing my first African safari. I concur with all Roberta said.  Hanns-Louis is a gentleman and a scholar and he is destined to do great things. Johnny, Martin, and Franz were great. Johnny as a PH could not have been more perceptive, competent or a better mentor. Martin and Franz are polite, helpful and competent. My hunt was a total success. Now, if I can just get Roberta to let me hang everything someplace other than the garage – I will be delighted.


Thank you both for your hospitality, knowledge, stories, humor, fine words, and great conversations. I hope to see you all again.


Gary Karch, MD








Dear Marina, Joof, staff, and Hans Louis,


We want to thank you for the most enjoyable hunt we have ever experienced. Everything was perfect and seldom does that happen on a vacation. You all work together for a common good that benefits everyone. It was a delight sharing stories of your families and friends but the jokes at dinner topped it all. Our time here was first class all the way.




Mary-Ann and Howard


Springville, California






Our best to the best.


Dear Joof, Marina, Hanns-Louis, and staff,


Wow! What a trip to remember – it’s our last but BEST!                 In our late 80s this will be remembered the rest of our lives. The accommodation is great, the food great, and Marina, you’re the greatest and best hostess ever. Keep up the great work! Had a great hunts that I will always remember. Great PH and all the staff


Connie and  Gary

Reno, Nevada




June 12, 2014


Dear Marina, Joof, Hanns-Louis, and staff,


Para hacer una buena cacerta, se requieren tantos elementos que como para hacer una sinfonia. Estimada Marina, tu haces en tu lodge, esta sinfonia todos los dras con los mejores elementos para hacernos sentir como en casa.




To make a good cacerta, require as many elements as to make a sinfonia. Dear Marina, you do in your lodge, this sinfonia, all the stones with the best elements to make us feel at home.



Thank you very much for everything, you have a lovely family and staff and we had a wonderful time!


PS: Joof and you are doing a great job conserving the African habitat and wildlife.


Alonso Ancira

Susana Ancira

Sofia Ancira

Sofia Mendel

Luis Gutierez

Nicole Somerville




24 June 2014


Marina and Joof,


Thank you from an over-the-top visit and stay with you. That was an incredibly brief eight days, and I look forward to seeing you both in the future. The BIG Texas style thanks, as well, to Johnny and all the staff.


All the best,


John Denver


Longview, Texas




June 5, 2014


Marina, Joof, and Hanns-Louis and staff,


You have made our first trip to Namibia wonderful! I cannot imagine being anywhere else! You and your staff have made us feel so welcome. Your lodge and grounds are outstanding! You have given us a glimpse into your culture and country that will be in our memories forever!


Words cannot express the experience we have had we cannot wait to bring others back to see you again 2016! Coming back with all children will be a once-in-a-lifetime trip and experience. The staff was excellent and also the food! Johnny and Tilonga made my Safari experience wonderful! I cannot wait to join them again!


Thank you so much for your hospitality. See you in Dallas!


Laura Mitchell


Charlette, NC


PS Marina, thank you for taking us to the school. What a great thing you are doing. Hope to help some more in the future!




June 5, 2014


I am not a hunter but maybe now converted. I fell in love with your country and your home. Your family and staff have made a lasting impression in my thoughts. We have been treated like royalty. Life is very short and I think you have to live hard, love hard, and laugh a lot. All these things were done here. This place is beautiful beyond words.


Thank you so much for a new life experience. See you soon!




Barbara Murray




Beyond my expectations! Fulfilled a dream. Thanks for everything, will see you in two years.


Randy Murray






Thank you so much for making us feel at home and treating us so kindly! We love staying at your Lake Lodge as well as the Main Lodge! We love spending time with you guys at each meal and especially enjoyed sitting around the campfire sharing funny stories!


Thank you for your wonderful hospitality!




Carolyn Caldwell (14)

(The girl who asked for toasted eggs)






Dear everyone,


Thank you so much for everything and I had such a fantastic time. It was such a blessing to be here and I hope to come back again someday! Everything was perfect and everyone was so happy and fun and all parts of this trip with amazing.


Thank you so much for having us and for all the hospitality and kindness and I hope to come back and see you again!


Best wishes,


Cross Caldwell (16)


Blanco, TX




June 23, 2014


Marina and Joof and Hanns-Louis,


Some things have to be experienced and can’t really be explained. That is my feeling of the African safari at Hunters Namibia Safaris is coming to an end. For one and a half years, since booking this vacation, the family has talked about the trip to Africa. The few months before we spent reading about the animals, practicing shooting (maybe not enough :)), getting passports, shirts, hunting clothes, etc. But the anticipation has been surpassed – completely. There is no way you can prepare your body, mind, soul for the Safari experience Hunters Namibia style


We’ve enjoyed being a part of your family and your country so very much! Our children, Grant (14) and Grace (9) will be telling their children about this experience, for sure. You’ve completely set a new bar for hospitality, kindness, good manners, good food, good stories, and great hunting!


Thank you all!


Staff, Johnny, Martin, Joof, Hanns-Louis, and the lovely Marina. This has been a trip of a lifetime.


May God continue to bless Namibia and Hunters Namibia Safaris.


Keith and Susan Gibson


Corbin, KY




June 23, 2014


Marina, Joof, and Hanns-Louis,


Thank you for giving me the experience of a lifetime. Although I didn’t say much while I was here, I was very observant and learned lots by coming to this great place of yours. You have opened my eyes to a lot of things over these past days. Hunting in Namibia is something I will be hoping to do again someday when I have a family of my own. This will definitely be a story I hope to tell all my friends and maybe my children someday.


Thank you for everything.


God bless.


Grant Gibson (13)




June 24, 2014


Marina, Joof, and Hanns-Louis,


I can’t believe it’s already time to say goodbye. It feels like just yesterday I got out of the car and looked around and I said ‘wow’, that’s all I could say was ‘wow’. I’m going to miss all of you but I bet your beach house will be amazing. I never thought Africa would be this wonderful. I’ve seen so many movies where, well, can’t explain it, but it’s so much different then this.


Tell the children of the school I say goodbye.


Thanks for everything,


Grace Gibson (8)




Dear Marina and Joof,


You’ve always talked of your Namibia but one cannot truly understand until you have been. This is truly the land of endless stories and you and Joof ARE super stories. Thank you for allowing me to share your Namibia.


Thank you


Mary Gibson


Austin, TX




August 9, 2014


Dear Marina and Joof,


Thanks for the most wonderful Safari I could have ever imagined. It is a Safari I know my family and I will remember for the rest of our lives. Accommodations were way beyond expectations. Your PHs Johnny and Kobus, were fantastic with the boys and went WAY beyond what could have been expected. We collected some fantastic trophies and look forward to returning in the future. I think we will bring back Sydney, when she is 12, so she can get her kudu and hartebeest. She got the hunting bug!


Thanks from the Gleibermans



Los Angeles




August 9, 2014


Dear Marina and Joof,


This truly has been the best vacation I have ever been on. This really was a trip of a lifetime. I can’t believe it’s already over. I don’t want to go back to Los Angeles. Every aspect of the Safari was incredible. Thank you for sharing this experience with us. The memories we last a lifetime.


Thanks for everything,


Max (17)

Los Angeles




August 9, 2014


Dear Marina and Joof,


I just want to thank you for the life-changing Safari. The experience our family got in coming to Namibia cant be matched anywhere else in the world. This trip will definitely be in our families memories for the rest of our lives. Can’t wait to come back!




Jake (15)




Dear Marina and Joof,


Thank you for the most wonderful vacation. Thank you for all the great things you taught my children while we were with you!


Lots of love,


Tori Gleiberman

Los Angeles




August 20, 2014


Dear Marina, Joof, and Hanns-Louis,


Where to begin? This trip to Namibia, our first introduction to Africa, has been amazing. Your hospitality and endless thoughtfulness has been exceptional. Your stuff is wonderful, we always felt right at home. You have thoughts of everything to make this the best vacation we have ever had. The sights, sounds, and smells, we will never forget – especially Chef Hennok’s cooking!


I’m afraid hunting anywhere else will never measure up to all experience here. Yes, we have African fever and will definitely return.


Thank you always!


Looking forward to seeing you in NY


Helen, Joe, and Michael Greco

New York




August 30, 2014


Dear Marina, Joof, and team,


Wow! What an incredible week – exceeded all my expectations. Not sure where to start – of course I come from the hunting which I did not know what to expect on the phone. Given your large property, all the hunting was just as challenging and experience as my previous safaris And I enjoyed my longest shot ever! I am very pleased with all my trophies. Your property is amazing – the land is Pristine and of course your lodges were made for dreams. When I told you I have never been treated so well – that was true. The two of you and your entire stuff were so caring and gracious And I loved all our chats. If I have one thing to moan about, it is the few extra pounds I gained from the delicious meals Oh my! I still think you should add “and spa” to the end of your companies name and have Johnny running your guests daily Like he did me. In fact, I am not sure I would have survived seven days with Johnny – although he is a great pH. I also enjoyed my time with Cobus, and Fang – it was nice to have that little dog with us. You really have created something special. I do hope to come back someday. Please do look me up in NYC – with or without G and H.


Thank you, thank you, thank you, for a very memorable life experience.


Richie Prager


Greenwich, CT




30 August 2014,


Dearest Marina and Joof,


You truly have created a pristine paradise in this corner of Africa. Hunters, conservationists and nature lovers in every aspect of what you do. Your dedication and attention to detail, as relentless dedication to keep such an enterprise going must be a massive job.

What a just result!


My stay was amazing, the hunting, the trophies, landscape, and most of all your hospitality. You are wonderful hosts! I will leave with a heavy heart today let’s know I will be back, if notes to your land, to my continuous proceeds of the love of Africa, an Africa wild, dicense? and in peace. I do hope and will plan to were? to you though!


All my best wishes for health and happiness,


Thanks again,



London, U.K.




September 7, 2014


To Marina, Joof, and staff,


A short but wonderful five days. The staff is amazing, the food is wonderful and hospitality beyond all expectations. Thank you for sharing your accommodations. Until we are in Namibia again. May we have continued health for all on the farm.




M and M Sampson


St. Paul, MN




September 19, 2014


Marina, Joof, and Hanns-Louis,


Thank you for the wonderful memories:

– Teasing the silly warthogs

– Fine dining at the waterholes

– Bouncing in the Land Cruiser (see Joof, we know it is not a jeep!)

– Remaining calm while being “chased” by an Oryx

– Engaging, lovely dinner conversations

– Checking leopard bates with a bucket of blood, guts, and “green stuff” splashing around in the back

– Looking inside the leopard den and remaining alive to tell about it

– Climbing the rocks and avoiding the ever present thorns to catch spectacular views

– Watching the sun rise and the sun drop

– Warming by the fire after sundown

– Chasing the mountain lizard into the tree

– Listening to Charlie and Hanns-Louis debating world events

– Enjoying all the new and wonderful food, bread, escargot soup… the list is endless!

– Hearing that “Jack alarm” in the morning

– Finding delightful treasures in our room every night

– Collecting porcupine quills

– Getting to know the Lamprecht family

– Hunting, oh yes of course, hunting!


When you catch that baboon wearing Safari Sally’s sunglasses please send them my way. Tell Johnny, Martin, and Gideon, that we learned so much from them about the country, the animals, and the people. It was the leopard that’s brought us here and the leopard that shall bring us back. We are so glad we found you, and were able to share this magnificent experience with everyone here. Again, many many thanks.


All the best,


Sallie and Charlie


Atlanta, MA




October 6, 2014


Dear Marina and Joof,


Thank you for sharing your home with us during our African adventure. We feel blessed to find you and experience the best of Namibia. We felt welcomed by you and your staff, thank you very much. Marina, your attention to detail and sophistication is greatly appreciated. We will hold this place close to our hearts and we will come back. Johnny, thank you for an amazing last day!


Lez and Margolia






October 22, 2014


Joof, Marina, Hanns-Louis, and team,


Thank you for making our honeymoon trip one for the books and one we will never forget. We had an incredible time out in the bush with Johnny and Martin, but our trip wouldn’t have been compete without the daily campfire sundowners, swapping stories at dinner, and learning many ‘Joof-isms’. A huge thank you to the team for every small detail, making a trip that much better. Thank you again for all the memories we have made and sharing your beautiful home with us. Your generosity and kindness surpassed that of all and we have never felt more welcome outside of our own home. We have already started planning our return trip and look forward to coming back. Thank you again for everything and look forward to seeing you at the Dallis Safari Club convention in January!


With much love,


Jeff and Jenna Bissel


Birmingham, AL


PS – not everything is bigger in Texas, it’s bigger in Africa.



May 7, 2013

Dear Marina, Joof, Staff and Hanns-Louis,

We can’t believe we’re leaving Namibia already. Hunters Namibia Safaris is truly a “class act”… and “quite nice” (…as was thoroughly discussed!!!). So many stories and laughs around the sundowners won’t be forgotten, as well as the 10-Star accommodations and gourmet food.

The hunting, the trophies, Johnnie and Martin, everything we learned out in the bush was just amazing. We can’t begin to tell our friends and family everything we saw, but that’s a good thing actually. One must experience the hunt. Words don’t do it justice.

And the unexpected trip to Swakopmund was the best way we could ever have imagined ending our safari. What a lovely seaside respite. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. It wasn’t only quite nice – it was fabulous.

Hanns-Louis – best wishes for a successful business venture. It was “quite nice” to get to know you. We hope to see you, Marina, Joof, and the staff again

Your friends always,

Florence and Glen Deutsch
Buffalo, MN




May 14, 2013

Dear Joof, Marina, Hanns-Louis, and Staff.

What a fantastic experience your family has created for people to enjoy in Africa. Everything was perfect from the accommodation, food, and real-world bush environment. Your lodge is 5-star and can’t wait to bring Suzy and the rest of my family back to Namibia.

Best wishes and good health,

Matt Wiggins
Houston, Texas




Dear Joof, Marina, Hanns-Louis, and incredible Staff,

This experience far exceeded our expectations!!! From wake-up coffee to a gourmet dinner, each day was filled with a new adventure!

The lovely shopping in Windhoek, experiencing markets and friendly people, was wonderful!

As much fun as it was, I couldn’t wait to get back to the Lamprecht Lodge and the paradise your family has created!

Your staff is unbelievable! They always greeted with beautiful smiles and eager to please. We cannot describe how outstanding everything was. I will be looking forward to the recipes, so that I might attempt to share with my family.

This is not “goodbye”, but “until we meet again!”

Kent says he hopes to come to Africa again, so this he can come with his family!

Marina – it would be a pleasure to host you in our home when you visit Houston!

Many thanks!!!

Kent and Susan Ostroot
Houston, Texas




May 2013

Dear Joof and Marina, Hanns-Louis and Staff,

Where to begin..? The minute we arrived the Spanish expression “su casa es mi casa!” Throughout our time here I truly have felt that I got to enjoy your dream. The accommodations are outstanding, your staff truly glows. I feel the shining loyalty they have for you in the outstanding service they provide to us demonstrates that they are part of your family. The continued surprise photos by the bed, framed pictures always so much detail, food, laundry, flowers, picnics, etc. What a paradise you have created your passion for each other, family, and dreams truly show.

Richard and I leave but will return in the near future. What I can say? I feel like I have discovered and made friends for lifetime.

Buy a goat!! (donkey),

Richard and Teresita Roark
Marshall, Texas

P.S. Enclosed I leave my business card, but I will write my address in this book. I will end saying €˜mi casa es su casa!’

Come see us in Pepas. If I can ever help please do not hesitate in calling.


Best luck in your new business adventure. Thanks again for the shopping experience!




May 27, 2013

Dear Joof, Marina, Hanns-Louis, and the amazing Staff (Johnnie, Martin, Hileni, Hennok, Lahja, Joseph, Bob, Simon, Tilonga, Bernard, and the others whom we did not meet); and also Jack, Dee Dee, and Duke:

Where to start and where to end? There are not enough words, nor enough pages in this book to fully express our elation and gratitude for the experience of a lifetime, which you have given to us! We will never, as long as we live, forget our “Virgin Safari”! We can’t imagine a better place on earth to have lost our virginity! You are the most gracious hosts and hostesses we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Your attention to detail is impeccable. Things that some might refer to as “the little things” were HUGE to us and not a one of them went unnoticed by us. You and all of your staff have treated us like royalty from the moment we arrived. We have been completely spoiled! “Buy a Donkey!!!”

The sunrise and sunset here are breathtaking. You truly have created heaven on earth. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. The information, the conversation, the stories and the laughs shared with us will always mean the world to us. We have never eaten such wonderful and delicious food… We will definitely have to pay for that when we get home, but it has been well worth it!

We cannot begin to thank Johnnie and Martin (The A-Team) for everything. The hunting has been so much more than we could have ever imagined. Those two guys are amazing and true professionals. And while they are professionals, they are at the same time, so personable and patient. I (Terri) am forever grateful to Johnnie for always inviting me to go on the stalks with them. I know he probably would have preferred me to stay in the truck and I totally wouldn’t have blamed him! I can’t say thank you enough for him allowing me to experience the hunt first hand with Brent. I will never forget it! “Buy a Donkey” Johnnie and Martin!!!

Marina, you are a beautiful lady, both inside and out. Your wonderful compassion is evident in everything that you are involved in. Your family, your community, and your country are so very lucky to have you. We are so pleased to have had the opportunity to visit the school… heartwarming and eye-opening. We would love to help by sending clothing, but if there is anything else that we would ever be able to help with, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Joof, you sir, are definitely €˜our kind of people’! As we have already said, you and Bret together would probably be a lethal combination! (Naughty Boys!!!). We cannot remember the last time we have laughed so much! LOVE your stories!!! You are to be commended on the business and environment, which you have created.

Hanns-Louis, you are a wealth of knowledge and information, it has been a complete pleasure to have gotten to know you and visit with you. You are a brilliant young man and you will no doubt be very successful in anything that you choose to do. We wish you all the best in your new shotshell business, and then who knows, we may one day see you on TV on one of thee cooking shows as a chef!!!

There is no way that our words or our pictures could ever convey the true image of this paradise to our family and friends. It is our home and dream (if you will have us) to come back again and again, bringing family and friends along with us!

In case you haven’t noticed by now, we do NOT want to leave! We are honoured to have been guests here. Thank you for treating us like part of your family. We hope this to be a beginning of a life-long friendship. You are a fantastic family and Hunters Namibia Safaris is heaven! BUY A DONKEY!!!

Brent and Terri Burkhart

P.S. We look forward to seeing you in January 2014 at the Dallas show. Bring along Joof and we will paint the town RED!





Dear Joof and Marina,

The American who reads sees the African safari through the eyes of Robert Roark and Ernest Hemingway. They dream of a certain culture journey into the wild full of beasts from fairy tales and stories from far-away campfires. They dream of martinis after days spent among beasts too big and dangerous for civilized reality. They want the Dark Continent to explode in their consciences and to live on in their minds. It is an almost impossible to realise conception. So to find it here, living, created by your hearts and minds and love for Africa has been too wonderful to express.

Frank Miniter
New York, NY




June 3, 2013

Dear Marina, Joof, and your wonderful extended family,

Thank you so much for making me feel a part of your family. Your world is endearing, comfortable, and intoxicating. I would say your “place”, but “world” is more accurate for you have created here a galaxy of hospitality, comfort, love, and affection for the essence of Africa. To say nothing of the amenities here – the wild world that you sustain is remarkable in its abundance and variety. I have hunted around the (other) world, but I can tell you – that your habitat and the animals that occupy it are exceptional. Thank you for sharing it – and them – with me. Your world is truly Transportive – I feel as though I’ve been dropped into another time – where authenticity and warmth are the elements that compose it.

Thanks to Johnny for his sharp eyes, his quick smile, and his exceptional ability to read both people and animals – and bring both together in the same place and time.

I look forward to a long and warm friendship and look forward to introducing my family to yours.

All my best,
Andrew McKean
Glasgow, Montana




June 3, 2013
Dear Joof and Marina,

I am so glad I finally got to come and see your beautiful home and part of the country! It is truly magnificent.

Getting to know you two better is wonderful and I appreciate your most generous hospitality.

Your wildlife is unbelievable; at times it looked like what I have seen of the Serengeti!

I have been to many places, and yours is right up there at the top of the list from both quality of game, professionalism of the staff, and beautiful landscape and hospitality!

I am really glad to get to know you two better and you are both making such a positive impact to your community, your country, and NAPHA. I look forward to seeing you in Dallas every year to come!

Ben Carter
Executive Director
Dallas Safari Club
Dallas, TX




June 3, 2013

Joof and Marina,

Thank you so much for your gracious hospitality on my first hunting adventure in Africa!

Your place is amazing!

Besides the great herds that roam your land, and the incredible hunting with professionals, we laughed and ate and drank our way to a stock of memories that may never be equaled.

I look forward to keeping in touch!

Steve Wagner
Dallas Safari Club




5 July, 2013

Joof, Marina, Hanns-Louis

Thank you so much for the wonderful week we had here, it could not have been better! I love everything about this place. The rooms, food, animals, your family and the staff! Your staff is so sweet and kind! I loved everything we did – the fire was so much fun every night. My mom wants to start a new tradition.

It was so much fun to hear all of your stories and I’m so glad we had the opportunity to hear them all. Thank you for answering all of our dumb questions 4 or 5 times.

I can’t wait to come back!

Thank you.

Bailey Anderson
Prescott, Arizona




Joof, Marina, and Hanns-Louis,

Thank you for the time of my life! I’m so grateful for the opportunity I got to come and visit! This place is a dream. I love everything about it. The rooms, the laundry being done, the meals, the fire, and most of all your staff! Everything and everybody is so nice. I felt like a queen all week. You guys are the sweetest people I know. Joof – I enjoyed every story you told and enjoyed your personality. Marina – I want to be just like you. You’re so sweet and so put together. I love how you run the place. And of course Hanns-Louis, you’re the best! You’re so fun and I learned you have many talents! It’s amazing; you’re a cook, a carpenter, and the most knowledgeable person. I love to ask you questions!

I loved the hunting! My guy friends at home always challenge me to what animals I have hunted; I now have them all beat.

Love you guys and your staff.

Brette Anderson




Joof, Marina, and Hanns-Louis,

We have had such a wonderful experience here! It was more than I could have ever dreamed of in an African safari. Your family and staff are so kind. I love all your stories and experiences that you shared with us. You are so easy and fun to be around. I loved hunting with Johnny and martin, but one of my favourite things was seeing the school. I really would love to come back soon and do something with or for that school. I know that you already do so much for them. You are so kind. Thanks for this past week and all the great things we got to experience.





Dear Joof and Marina,

Returning to your land the second time was just as wonderful as the first. We plan to return for a third visit so more of our friends and family can enjoy your company, accommodation, staff, hunting, and meals.

You have perfected the art of hosting with each detail you have taken the time to provide.

Our family is starting a new tradition of stories of the day around the campfire. We just need the informational minds of Joof and Hanns-Louis to answer all the questions our girls bring.

As we spent each day travelling your land, we have witnessed the hard work and dedication your whole family has put into creating the successful business you have today. How fortunate we are that we have been able to enjoy the fruits of your labours.

Of course we must say thanks to Johnny and Martin for their patience. What a great team!

Love you all,

Jeff and Susan Anderson
Prescott, Arizona

P.S. Hanns-Louis is a saint for putting up with the three crazy girls.





Joof and Marina,

Thank you so much for the many good memories. The stories to laugh at, the great food to fill my belly, the wonderful staff and the overall attention to detail is of the highest quality.

Really enjoyed fishing for tiger fish on the Okavango with Hanns-Louis. Even the airplane landing on the dirt runway was fun too!

Best of wishes to the whole Lamprecht family in all their future endeavours!

Kyle W. Bost
Little Rock, AR




Joof and Marina,

Thanks for the wonderful hospitality and sharing your Namibia with us again. As I felt on our first afternoon on the way to the shooting range. Four years is too long. Your accommodations remain first class as is the hunting. I treasure the evenings and Joof’s stories – I grasp what a treasure he is and his irreplaceable hunting knowledge. Your staff does such a good job of making all of us feel comfortable.

Looking forward to 2016!

Don Miller
Saint Jo, Texas





Oh my how we loved the lake lodge!

Our lake lodge €œfamily€ took fabulous care of our ever need. We loved sitting at the fire pit in the evenings and listening to our PH Ernst’s stories of his numerous dangerous game hunts all over the Dark Continent. Relaxing for an afternoon on the dock watching the game drinking across the lake while Kandesy served my favourite iced tea was delightful. Of course the bow hunting was magnificent! Kevin will never forget his four fabulous trophies in only 3 ½ days of spot and stalk hunting. We learned the art of the stealth stalk well.

Thank you for your hospitality and the beautiful setting.

We can’t wait to return soon!

Much love to all the Hunters Namibia family!

Kevin and Corinna Slaughter




21st June 2013

Lamprecht family,

In short, I cannot express how welcome you made me – the single lady in a herd of boys – feel. I didn’t arrive with the notion that I had the capability to hunt, however, because of the kindness of you and your staff, I was afforded the opportunity, and, rest assured; I will NEVER forget that first warthog boar with Johnny by the windmill.

You have created a true paradise, and I will forever be grateful for being opportuned to spend a slice of my life here. I do hope to return; however, until then, farewell, and happy, happy hunting.

Much, much, love,

Jordan Cook




Marina and Joof,

We had a wonderful time; Jordan loves Africa, and it was every bit as outstanding as we remembered. The food was superb, the hunting excellent, and loved Johnny.

Looking forward to seeing you in Texas in January.

Jeff Cook




Dear Marina and Joof,

Despite my relative youth I have been able to partake in hunts across the world. We mistakenly foray to other parts of the globe on our adventures if only to remind us that Africa is second to none. Through all my travels everything pales in comparison to the majestic beauty of your country. Your haven, Rooikraal, is truly a modern Eden. Joof, you have truly created a paradise for wildlife and hunters. The stories told around the campfire not only entertained me, but taught me lessons for future use. Of course the hunting was superb as Johnny expertly led us ton great success and satisfied our need for constant hiking, climbing, and walking. When combined with Martin they make quite the dynamic duo. Their constant smiles and upbeat attitudes enhanced the jovial atmosphere of safari. There is one feature that makes your operation stand out amongst all others, and that’s the enormous attention given to detail. Ranging form aiding in travel to providing constant refreshments amazed me that all do not return spoiled rotten after receiving the royal treatment.

I look forward to seeing the Lamprechts in Dallas!


William Cook




10 June 2013

Susan and I can’t believe its time to go home to Ohio, especially since we feel like we are already at home here…

Marina has done such an amazing thing, not only making us feel at home, but seeing to every detail to make our Namibian Wedding a true once in a lifetime event!

Everyone here from Joseph, Tilonga, chef Henok, and all the staff members were great, the lake lodge was beyond comparison, Joof’s  stories were so entertaining…

My handwriting abilities is not nearly up to the task of thanking everyone, and especially Marina, for the time of our lives!

Sgt. and Susan Ferryman




August 29, 2013

Dear Marina and Joof,

What an amazing adventure. The best of the best. Yours is truly a class act. This is hunting in the €˜real Africa’. I cannot thank all of you enough for making this a fabulous holiday for Julie and I. Hanns-Louis your new business will be a success. It was wonderful spending time with you. Johnny and martin are the best. Your entire staff is the top of the line, and we extend our thanks to all of them. This was Julie’s first time to Africa. She could not be more pleased with this holiday and now is too an €˜African hound’.

I will certainly return.

Best wishes to all. Hope to see you in Dallas in January.

??? and Julie




August 8, 2013

Dear Joof, Marina, Jofie, Hanns-Louis, and staff,

We had the most wonderful time! We loved everything about our visit. I can not tell you how much I appreciate your making all of my family feel welcome, and how much you catered to our every need. We loved learning about your wonderful country as well as your philosophies of wildlife management. It was a joy to have you share both with us.

You make us feel as though we where a part of your family, and we feel that we are becoming your friends. As a detail type person, I can say that you were attentive to every detail, and it made our visit so pleasant. Every member of your staff was top notch!

Thank you for a terrific visit. You are welcome in Alabama any time.

Roland Hester
Montgomery, Alabama




Dear Lamprecht family,

Thank you for accommodating my family and me. I have had the time of my life hunting here with €œy’all€. We are known in the southern US for our hospitality, and that is exactly what you all here expressed to us. Thank you for making us feel like family. The memories I have acquired here will never be forgotten. Out of 5 stars, I give you 10!

Thanks again,

Will Hester




Dear Lamprecht family,

Wow! This has been an amazing experience! I loved learning about your culture and living in the midst of your hospitality. From sand boarding to hunting to Hennok’s cooking and yum-yum, everything has been incredible. So many memories were made here. Your family, the PH’s, the t5rackers – all of the staff – and the dogs as well are amazing.

Thank you so much for having my family!

Ann Hester

€œAnnie’s got a gun€

€œKeep calm and shoot the warthog€




Dear Lamprecht family,

Thank you! You have spread a beautiful table of Namibian hospitality over us and to us. We so appreciate your labours of love on our behalf. Everything was excellent! Our family has new traditions thanks to our stay with Hunters Namibia Safaris. We have fallen in love with your country and your family!

Words fail – what you all have given us is PRICELESS!

With love,

LeeAnn Hester




Dear Lamprecht family,

Thank you for having me and my family. It is so beautiful and peaceful out here. I enjoyed taking photographs of the many animals. The trip to Swakopmund and Namib desert was very enjoyable. I loved staying at the beach house. Thank you for accommodating my vegetarian needs. The last meal being all vegetarian was kind of you and delicious as was the rest of the food during our stay. So many groovy memories where made. Far out!


Catherine Hester




31 July, 2013

Dear Joof, Marina, Hanns-Louis, and all of your wonderful staff,

We have had a wonderful time on our first safari and cannot imagine how it could have been better. Thank you for welcoming us onto your land and into your home. The hunting was superb and we really admire and appreciate your philosophy that combines conserving the land and sustainable wildlife management along with great trophy hunts. We truly enjoyed watching the animals, learning about their behaviour, as well as the hunt. Johnny was a great PH for us and Martin a great spotter and tracker. Both where clearly key to our hunting successes. We all learned so much and are very grateful to both of them.

The lodge design and all of the little details made our stay not only memorable, but unique. We did not know what to expect, but any expectations were certainly exceeded. The food was definitely 5-star, and I would like ALL of the recipes, but I will settle for the bread and the chocolate tart with salted caramel sauce. Henok and his lovely wife make an unbelievable team in the chef and service department, with obvious support by Heleni. Marina and Hanns-Louis could run a cooking school with their talents.

Time flies and we can’t believe that our stay is nearly over. We will remember fondly, and enjoy many laughs about stories told around the €œbullshit ring€, and look forward to planning future visits (we hope), perhaps meeting in Houston, and certainly recommending your wonderful country and Hunters Namibia Safaris to our friends.

Your friend,

Dan & Kathy Allford
Houston & Leakey, TX




Joof and Marina,

Mairi and I had no idea what to expect coming to Africa for the first time. We are very glad our first trip was coming to your game ranch. I hope that I didn’t bore you too much with my talk and questions about the habitat and game programs. I will tell everyone about the health of the land and animals. This has been a great experience, the food, the hospitality, the hunt, and the time with all of y’all. We will for sure tell anyone wanting to come to Africa that this is where they should come. Thank you for the trophy quality we are taking home and the stories.

Vik and Mairi




22 July, 2013

Joof, Marina, Hanns-Louis and the rest of the team,

It almost seems silly that just over a week ago, we were making our way across the world to meet the blind date that would become our African safari. Meanwhile, you were waiting to meet us, as well. We were surprised, to say the least, that our trip would be so beautiful, so impactful, and so enjoyable. This, however, comes at an interesting time for our family. One is going to university for who knows how long, another is starting in the professional world… also who knows how long. Mom and dad will be tempted to fill their empty nest, in addition to the dog, with rando children from across the world, now, I’m sure.

It is a time of transition and change. It is a time, that could very well be, the last that we spend as a family together. It is without doubt that I can speak for all of us when I say; we could not have made better use of this last opportunity to be a family, anywhere in the world. We thank you for what you have done here, politically, environmentally, everything. This experience has the potential to influence, impact, and change.

We can’t wait to see what paths this, once blind adventure, will show us next.

Yours sincerely,

Kyle, Kelly, Doug, and Lori Deininger




September 6, 2013

Dear Marina and Joof,

Thank you so much for making my first hunting experience a spectacular one. I leave your lodge today with wonderful memories of all the beautiful animals and this amazing country, and wish I could stay so much longer. I hope you’ll keep everything unchanged so I can have this perfect experience again when I return!

Katy Hinton
Chicago, IL, USA




13th September 2013

Dear Joof, Marina and Hanns-Louis

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful visit at your lodge and in your country. We appreciated the attention to every detail, and we felt like this beautiful place was out home.

From the meal – you do have THE BEST chef in Africa, to the comfort of our rooms it was all first class. Mark had a wonderful time hunting – Johnny and martin took great care of him.

We plan to be back.  See you in Dallas.

Jean and Mark Elste

P.S. Marina – I really enjoyed out time together.  Jean.




September 13, 2013

Dear Marina, Joof, Hanns-Louis and Staff

It’s been a wonderful safari.  Johnny is a superb PH.  He explained the Fauna and Flora as we went along.  He and his tracker were skillful and I was happy with the length of the stalks and with the amount of game we took.

The accommodations were first rate and the food gourmet.  It’s a high end hunting lodge which even non-hunters can really appreciate.

Namibia is such a colourful country and it is well worth taking time off from hunting for sigh-seeing.  For us, from the USA, this is an exotic adventure and we met some wonderful and friendly people.

I can’t stress enough how important it is for visitors to have help with immigrations and customs.  You walked us through the process and there were no surprises.

Thank you for a wonderful vacation experience.

Glenn H. Petrick




Joof, Marina and Hanns-Louis

Never in my travels around the world have I experienced a more beautiful destination than the wonderful country of Namibia and your spectacular hunting area.  Thank you so very much for opening your lodge to me, and making me feel like one of the family.  The experiences from dawn to dusk every day will always be with me.  Never have I seen so much game and so many trophy animals.  I regret so much that I waited so long to hunt with you!

Johnny and martin were excellent companions for any hunter whether on their first time safari, or their fifth such as I – they are excellent.  I am very proud of my excellent Oryx and Hartmann’s Zebra trophies.

You have truly a safari experience that leaves nothing of comparison.  It is THE best.  I will long cherish the fireside chats and dinners around the big table.  Your chef and wait staff were excellent as well.

Hanns-Louis – I wish you the very best and congratulations on the launch of your new company, Lamprecht Shot Shell Company.

Lastly, thanks to everyone on your team for the long time support of the Dallas Safari Club.

With warmest personal regards

John Patterson
President – Dallas Safari Club.




27th November 2013

Marina, Joof and Hanns-Louis

All y’all have got it together!

You have been so gracious to allow me to have an experience with you at Hunters Namibia Safaris.  From the very beginning I felt like I had know you for a lifetime.  Memories of this experience will stay in my heart for the rest of my life.

Your accommodations were five star, with outstanding amenities, food and service.  Your attention to the little things blew my mind.  I only wish my wife of 46 years, Joanna, could have experienced your hospitality with me.

On the days of my hunt – oh so many species of animals – it was one of the most memorable hunts I have ever been able to enjoy.  Johnny and Martin were outstanding, so not only was it a hunt but it was a learning experience.

I applaud you for your work for your local communities, and your obvious love for the school and the village.

Hanns-Louis – you have a good head on your shoulders.  Based on the discussions we have had about your shell business, I believe you will be very successful. Advice from an old CPA – plan every step of the way, and set your goals HIGH.

Thanks for everything, y’all.

With my warmest personal regards and God’s blessing – friends!

John Eads
Treasurer – Dallas Safari Club




28th November 2013

Dear Marina, Dear Joof

Words cannot describe how impressed I am – you have created a paradise in paradise!!  Never before have I seen such a magic place.  Just everything is perfect!  You are brilliant hosts, and I cannot thank you enough for hosting me.

Keep and protect what you have built here.  It is a unique place in your beautiful Namibia.

I look forward to visiting you again soon!

Ralf Mueller




30th November 2013

Dear Joof, Marina and Hanns-Louis

Thank you for orchestrating such a wonderful conclusion to my first visit to Africa.  At every opportunity you had in place such personal touches hat make Hunters Namibia the single best lodge I’ve stayed at anywhere in the world.

Thank you again – I look forward to returning.

Scott Mayer,
Deputy Publisher and Editor of SAFARIMagazine & Times.




30th November 2013

Dear Marina and Joof

Many, many thanks for your gracious hospitality during my visit to Namibia.

We have been friends for 20 years, and many times have your described the beauty and wonderment that your country and land are.  Words have not, and cannot describe it – it is beautiful!

Of all the many places I’ve visited in the world, Hunters Namibia Safaris and your country are one of the jewels that stand out.

Many thanks for having me here with you and your family.

Best Wishes

Phil De Lone
CEO Safari Club International