Hunters Namibia Safaris is situated in the beautiful Camelthorn Kalahari of eastern Namibia, a comfortable 45-minute drive from Windhoek International Airport, and an hour from the city of Windhoek.

The area you will be hunting in is our exclusive land which covers an area of approximately 80 square miles, and is populated by only wild game, with no domestic stock or interior camps/fences.  The terrain consists of small rocky hills with huge savannas and patches of bushy areas. The entire hunting area is natural, with open water holes and very few man-made improvements, so is still the real, wide-open and unpredictable Africa. Additional concession areas are available when required, most bordering on our own land. This increases our hunting grounds to an unlimited movement area in excess of 150 square miles.

23 species of huntable game as well as an impressive variety of game birds (depending on the season) are available for trophy hunters and wing-shooting enthusiasts.  Many additional species can be viewed and photographed. A minimum of 500 head of game will be seen per day while hunting, which will allow you to hunt truly selectively.

The hunting area is privately owned by the Lamprechts, and covers an area of over 50 000 acres (approximately 80 square miles) of pristine wilderness area populated only by free-ranging game, with no domestic stock and camps.  Adjoining properties add another 40 square miles to our hunting area. 23 species of huntable game as well as an impressive variety of game birds (depending on the season) are available for trophy hunters and wing shooting enthusiasts.  Many additional species can be viewed and photographed. This is a very wildlife rich environment, and you will see a minimum of 500 head per day while hunting, giving you the opportunity to hunt truly selectively.

In Marina’s words: ‘Our dream of creating a wildlife paradise started when Joof and I bought an established cattle ranch in eastern Namibia (where they are still based) almost 30 years ago, and started tearing down the domestic stock infrastructure in order to return the land to its natural state – the land and wildlife as God had created them. Over the years we have bought more and more land on which, through sound game management due to sustainable hunting practices, we now have vast herds of more than 30 species of game, and have been able to create such a perfect ecosystem that species such as hyena (both brown and spotted) as well as wild dog, which have not been seen in the area for decades, have moved back here.

Due to our respect for the natural wisdom of a fully integrated wildlife system, predators such as cheetah and leopard, for which stock farmers have very little tolerance, are now also plentiful here.

Spending time on the beautiful, wildlife abundant savannas of Namibia with us will enrich your life, leave you with wonderful memories that will last a lifetime, and have you longing to return to our beautiful land.’

The Hunters Namibia Safaris Lodges are run in the classic, elegant style of traditional safari camps.  The lodges are spacious buildings of natural stone with thatched roofs, designed by Joof Lamprecht to blend in with the surrounding rocky kopjes and vast savannahs.

The Hunters Namibia Safaris Main Lodge can accommodate a maximum of 10 guests, while our Lake Lodge a maximum of 4 guests. No more than 30 hunting clients are accepted per season.  Your booking will reserve you and your party the exclusive use of the facilities with no other groups in camp.

Both lodges offer guest suites with en-suite bathrooms with basins, flushing toilets and large showers with high pressured hot and cold running water. The beds are solid wood with thick, firm mattresses, down duvets and pillows. Bedside tables, reading lamps, a luggage rack, rifle cabinet, large wardrobe, comfortable chairs, a desk, ceiling fan and balcony furniture complete the elegant, distinctly safari style rooms. Hair dryers, gowns and a range of toiletries are supplied.  Two of the loft suites at the Main Lodge feature stone fireplaces, and one offers an inter-leading children’s room.

At the Main Lodge sun decks with hammocks and deck chairs, the swimming pool and summerhouse were specially designed to make the safari more enjoyable for non-hunters and children. Water holes have been strategically placed near both lodges to allow game viewing and photography from your suite and sun decks.  An excellent daily laundry service, with same day return that really works, is provided.

The hunting day usually starts just before sunrise with a choice of beverages served in your suite by a friendly camp attendant, followed by a hearty breakfast.  Hunters Namibia offers world-class local cuisine inspired by Marina, and expertly prepared by our Gourmet Chefs and the small, dedicated kitchen teams. Venison from the hunt is always served accompanied by a wide variety of organically grown salads, vegetables and herbs from the gardens. Bread, biscuits and treats are baked daily in the old fashioned wood-burning oven.  Non-venison as well as vegetarian and vegan meals are prepared, with pleasure, on request.

Guests return to camp during the heat of midday for a buffet-style lunch, which is served at the swimming pool, or a deck overlooking the lake.  A short siesta is followed by coffee at 15h00 before returning to the wild open veld.  Picnic lunches are arranged on request.  Sundowners are served in the evening around the open campfire. This is historically the time of day when the best memories of wilderness experiences, as well as hunting and fishing tales, are exchanged in the romantic glow of the Acacia wood flames.  A traditional drumbeat announces dinner, which is always a candle-lit three-course gourmet feast.

Top quality South African wines, international spirit brands, world-class Namibian beer as well as a variety of soft drinks and pure fruit juices are available in camp. Clients are encouraged to notify the Hunters Namibia Safaris team of any specific wishes, which will gladly be catered for.

The lodges have permanent 220-volt electricity. All rooms are equipped with USA adapters.  Although we strongly recommend that you relax and unwind during your safari, high speed Wi-Fi, fax, cellular phone reception, telephone and satellite television are available for clients who may wish to make use of them.