September 4, 2015

A Scotch for Joof…

BY Tres Masser, Texas

‘Today I learned of the passing of a good friend, mentor, and legend.
Joof Lamprecht was forged from one of the most diverse and, at times, most unforgiving landscapes on the planet. He epitomized the qualities that make a man a man. He was true, strong, and fearless. He could be as hard as the land he loved yet soft and tender when it counted most. You never wondered what side of the fence he stood on and there is no doubt he stood for principal and honor….qualities more men today could use.

Joof did more for conservation and the hunting industry than we will ever realize and he forgot more about Africa and her wild things than we will ever know. Like my own father, he was cut from a different cloth. Those that knew him know there will never be another like him. His world changed around him but he never did. He walked with authority and demanded respect while giving it where due. He treated me as one of his own and for that I am grateful. He will always be my father “across the pond”.

My heart bleeds for the Lamprecht family. For Marina Lamprecht, Jofie Lamprecht, Michelle Potterton, Hanns-Louis Lamprecht and their families….I am so very sorry. I hurt for my own dad who has lost a great friend. I grieve for all who knew him and for those who didn’t…you really missed out…

I know no words I say will give justice to the legendary man that was Joof Lamprecht. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to grow up knowing him…I am honored to have shared in the love and laughter…I am privileged he called me friend.
I suspect a man like Joof never truly leaves us, rather his spirit lives on. Much like the Gray Ghost of Africa, he will blend into the Namibian bush…and even though we can’t see him, he will always be there.

So tonight I lift my glass in honor of Joof Lamprecht. Africa has claimed one of her favorite sons and he will be missed. I suspect he’s leading a safari on the great savannah above and telling his stories around the campfire, smoking his pipe, and enjoying a scotch…’

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