Our beloved Joof Lamprecht was a registered Professional Hunter since 1979, and was highly respected in international conservation circles for his dedication to fair-chase, ethical and sustainable trophy hunting as the ultimate conservation tool.    Joof’s always humorous, and often moving sundowner stories at the evening campfire, during which he shares his hunting, fishing and life adventures, were legendary.

Marina Lamprecht is a widely published writer, and presents talks throughout the world on Namibia’s conservation successes due the country’s policy of selective, ethical and sustainable utilization of wildlife resources, for which she has won international awards.

The Lamprecht family personally hosts safaris at the Main Lodge.

Hunters Namibia Safaris was selected as the Outfitter of the Year for the Dallas Safari Club in 2014.

The Lamprecht’s dedication to the wildlife, environment, local communities and their country is evident in every aspect of Hunters Namibia Safaris. Our family is actively involved in the Namibian Professional Hunting Association- NAPHA, as well as with the Namibian government at every level. We support a number of educational projects in Namibia, and donate meat from the hunt to feed 320 children as a local village school.

Our family is twelfth-generation African, and we are passionate about our country and continent.

Should you wish to discuss your dream safari, please do so now by contacting the Lamprecht family at info@hutersnam.com

Joof and I had a dream

When we met many years ago, Joof was a successful Windhoek business man and very keen part-time hunter, and I was just out of high school.

We dreamed of creating a wildlife paradise of wide-open spaces, beautiful savannahs teeming with great herds of various game species, and of running an elegant, traditional safari lodge with wonderful facilities, fabulous meals and superb service, all presented with the genuine warmth of real Namibian hospitality.

We dreamed of offering dedicated trophy hunters and their families the opportunity to experience fair-chase, ethical hunting in a vast area where the game interacts naturally in a wild and sustainable population.

We dreamed of a family business, which would make it possible for our children and extended family to be a part of a wonderful tradition in conservation, hunting and hospitality.  We dreamed of achieving all of  this  with  sincere respect for the community, the wildlife and the environment. Hunters Namibia Safaris is the realization of that dream… and so much more. We are privileged indeed to live our dreams – and our passion – every day.

Our magnificent country beckons, and our family and the entire Hunters Namibia Team would be honored to host you, and introduce you to the wonders of a safari with us. With warmest regards from our beautiful Namibia,

Marina Lamprecht

On your day of arrival, as soon as you have settled in, your personal Professional Hunter and tracker will accompany you to our shooting range where you will sight-in your rifle/s in order to make sure that they were not damaged during transport.  Should you be renting one of our rifles, this will give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the weapon.  The hunt commences immediately after that.

The hunting day starts after an early breakfast.  Classic, open Toyota safari vehicles are used to travel around the hunting area, but all stalking and hunting is done on foot.  The range of the average shot is 150 yards, but your Professional Hunters will assist you to get as close you require to make that perfect shot.  We use tripod shooting sticks.  You will see vast herds of wildlife during every hunting day, giving you the opportunity to hunt truly selectively.  Once you have identified and successfully bagged your trophy, your Professional Hunter will take a number of photographs for our records and to record your memory.  The animal is then loaded onto the hunting truck and taken to our skinning facility, where the trophy is taken care and filed prepared by our expert skinners, and the meat is cleaned and stored in our walk-in cooling facility.  The entire animal is utilized.

Non-hunters really enjoy joining the hunting team as our Professional Hunters share a wealth of information on the fauna and flora, and the game-viewing and photographic opportunities are wonderful. Please contact us if you require more detailed information: Corinna@familyexpeditions.com

Hunters return to camp during the heat of the day for lunch or enjoy a bush picnic, as preferred.  After a brief siesta and then coffee/tea, the hunt continues until sunset.  By law in Namibia you may start hunting half and hour before sunrise, and must stop half an hour after sunset.