December 10, 2013

Advice For The PH’s New Bride

BY Marina Lamprecht

So… you’re engaged to your dream-guy, a Professional Hunter! Congratulations!
Ever wonder how the PH’s wife figures into the equation? Is she just a figurehead, lounging lazily around camp, looking elegant and engaging in brilliant repartee with her adoring guests? Read on…

Camp Boss
Advice for the PH’s new bride

Although your partner will always have centre stage, your role as leader of the back-up team is essential to the success of the hunting operation – you are the heart and soul of the safari company!

Do not expect to be €œThe Lady of The Manor€ or €œMadame€ in camp.

Do expect to be:
. Chief cook and bottle washer
. Housekeeper
. Bartender and sommelier
. Chauffeur
. Administrator, accountant and booking agent
. General handyman
. Gardener, florist, electrician, plumber, sanitation expert and water supply engineer
. Executive secretary, first-aid specialist and psychologist
. Chief purchasing agent
. Social Director
. Personal Shopper for your clients
. Goodwill Ambassador for your country
. Charming and hospitable at all times, even when exhausted or under extreme stress.
. And, often, a single parent.

You must be the boss in camp, but with a light touch that doesn’t offend or threaten all the macho, mine-is-bigger-than-yours guys.

If you are perfectly comfortable with your femininity, you should be woman enough to thrive in a testosterone-driven world where SIZE REALLY DOES COUNT!

You will be sharing your life with a man who lives his passion through his career and who, to quote Joof, €œlives life dancing to the rhythm of his own heartbeat.€ That has its merits! You will also meet some of the most interesting people on earth and travel the world to market your safari company. This is a lifestyle, not just a job.


Good luck!

Clearly, that warm and gracious woman who welcomes visitors to the safari company’s booth at SCi, DSC and countless other promotional events, and, in camp, entertains her guests at splendid candle-lit dinners, may also be found with flour on her hands, mud on her boots, and a long to-do list in her pocket, keeping all the balls in the air while her husband tends to the safety and success of the hunters. In her position as the strong human bridge between those worlds she occupies a special place in safari camps,.. think you have what it takes?

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